a little bit about what makes us, us.


There is nothing better than a good love story. There are endless songs, poems and books about love, a number of statues, buildings and places devoted to it. It drives us, inspires us, it makes life worth living - love is the best thing we do.

Having worked in the industry for over 5 years, we will never get tired of telling love stories. We just can’t get enough! Every couple we meet is unique and we love helping them share their story with their family, friends and the world.

Every love story deserves to be told, and we’d be honoured to be the ones to tell yours.


little miss nat mack…

Hi! My name is Nat, a born and raised Scanadian (Scottish-Canadian) I do say 'eh' and 'oi' about 45,000 times a day but I do not play the bagpipes or own a pet moose.

Growing up with Glaswegian parents in Canada, I had always been intrigued with anything and everything that happened in the UK. Across the pond, the UK was seen as the place to be creative, push boundaries, and where every Megan could meet her Harry. Selling everything I owned and hopping a plane, 8 years later I’m still here in the heart of ‘fairytale’ Lancashire.

I’ve founded Small Fox on the foundation that every love story is unique. Your love is not cookie cutter, so why should your wedding be? Everything that’s created under our roof is strictly one-of-a-kind, made just for that couple and that couple alone.

Having over 5 years experience in the wedding industry, I’ve worked with some amazing clients over the years. It’s been such an honour to recreate their wonderful stories in print.

We could not be happier with our wedding album, Nat has created a beautiful reflection of our big day and we’re forever grateful!
— katy & nick, calgary canada